We love farmers. We will be the supporter to help them find the most quality and effective solution for their farm.
We love making their farms modernize and life become well.



Not spending too much effort but the efficiency achieved is high. And the pigs have a good environment. Pig breeding equipment is necessary.

Typical swine equipment such as: Troughs for feeding pigs, heating equipment for pigs, cages reserved for pigs (pregnant pig cages, sows to farrowing cages, pullet layer …), ventilation fans, and other devices…


KSPVN breeding equipment is a big unit. Supplying livestock equipment across the country in large quantities. Here you can easily find the equipment model you want and need for your pet. We have the equipment: feeder for chicken, automatic drinking, slat, broiler and breeder cage…




KSPVN has traditionally been the leading enterprise in the fields of production and business activities, building and researching new equipment products in the field of aquaculture, and developing equipment for shrimp ponds such as float, paddle wheel equipment, root blower, tarpaulin, oxygen supply system, and other equipment…


Turnkey Projects

As a professional construction contractor, we undertake throughout all phases of consultancy, design, construction, warranty, maintenance for all engineering services.







The long-term development strategy of KSP Vietnam is to achieve the target revenue of USD …. billion and become one of the 50 biggest dairy companies in the world in the period of 2021-2026.

Within this period, there are 3 important areas that create the driving forces to help KSPVN achieve its mission:

Developing strategic human resource management

Maintaining and managing activities towards sustainable development

Planning and implementing Knowledge, Innovation, and Change management.

KSP Vietnam’s strategic priorities are:


To be an enterprise with high customer satisfaction on product quality, affordable prices, and the leading distribution system in Vietnam.

Corporate governance:

To be an enterprise with accredited professional management and structure.

To be an enterprise where the working environment enables employees to make out their best capabilities and contribution to the common goals, thus being one of the best working places for employees.

SINCE 2004


Swine projects


Poultry projects


Aquaculture projects


Turnkey projects


Vietstock 2021

Vietstock 2021 Location: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) | Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam Date: 13/10-2021 (00:00) – 15/10-2021 (00:00) Meet KSP Vietnam


Green House

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