-The system imported from Denmark;

-Designed by suitable for weather situation and climate in Viet Nam;

-Supply dry feeding equipment customised for the individual farm section;

-You are guaranteed a reliable product where each detail has been considered.  when you buy a dry feeding system, you are ensured a product with long service life and low operational costs; 

– MiniPork drive unit is a small solid drive unit with a capacity of up to 850 kg/h. It is a compact 0.75 kW system with self-emptying cabinets to minimize feed remnants. MiniPork has a unique design and can be installed on the floor or mounted on a wall or ceiling. The equal placement of intlet and outlet of the MiniPork enables a horizontal installation of the feed pipe. The pulling of the drive unit is reversible and simplifies the installation.

– The drive unit is equipped with an integrated console, which prevents cable breakage in case of overloading by foreign bodies. Furthermore, the drive unit is equipped with a switch, which automatically stops the system if the cable gets too loose. An outside indicator shows when the cable needs tightening and when a cable shortening is necessary.

– Hộp định lượng 6 lít;

– Dễ dàng điều chỉnh số lượng cho vào hộp;

– Được sản xuất bằng nhựa trong suốt;

– Thiết kế gắn với ống 50.8mm